We offer quality food from local suppliers whenever possible, and cook meals to order.  This means that we know what is contained in each meal.  What this means to you is that you get a well-prepared nutritious meal, and that we can offer advice about allergies if required.  The menu below is a recent sample menu, and is a fair indication of what you can select.

A selection of Appetisers

Our Starters

Medley of crispy fried Fish Goujons, served with dressed mixed leaves & homemade Tartare sauce 6.95
Mixed Seafood Platter for Two to Share with Tiger Prawns, mini Fishcakes, deep fried squid rings, Atlantic prawns, scampi, fish goujons and tartare sauce 15.95
Deep fried crispy Whitebait either breaded or plain (“naked”) with a garnish of leaves & Tartare Sauce 6.95
Succulent & juicy Tiger Prawns cooked in butter, chilli and coriander, or with garlic and cream.  Served with mixed leaves, dressed with vinaigrette. 8.95
Gorgeous Garlicky Mushrooms  smothered in an awesome thick and creamy sauce with artesan bread and butter V 5.95
Prawn and Smoked Salmon Cocktail – plump prawns, tasty smoked salmon topped with Marie Rose Sauce and served with artesan bread & butter 6.75
Crispy breaded Brie wedges and mozzarella sticks, served with salad and a nicely sharp Cranberry conserve V 5.95


We have a choice of filleted and whole Brixham fish on offer. The choice varies from day-to-day and depends on what is available, and what is good on the day. Prices range from £13 to £25. All our fish comes with a choice of potato and vegetables or salad.


Our steaks come from a village called “Waddeton” about five miles away. There are two award-winning herds Aberdeen Angus and South Devon. They are both quite simply superb. £
10 oz Rump Steak a prime tasty steak from a quality herd, hung for 21 days 15.45
10 oz Ribeye We recommend that is is cooked to at least medium-rare, which gives great tenderness and mouth-watering taste 19.45
10 oz Succulent Sirloin Knighted for its taste and tenderness! 19.45
8 oz Prime Fillet Melt-in-the-mouth-tender, you can’t buy better 22.95
Steak Sauces We serve our steak sauces in a jug, so you can decide where and when to add it to your meal. Hot triple Peppercorn with brandy and cream Delicious Red Wine, or Creamy Mushroom, or Homemade stilton cheese sauce. 1.95
Our Steaks – All steaks are served with Mushroom, Tomato, and Chips. Weights are approximate uncooked weight.
 Add Surf’n’Turf option, of prawns and scampi, or sunny side fried eggs.  2.95/1.75


Medallions of Pork, served with a dreamy mustard and apple Sauce.  Served with new potatoes, sauté or chips and vegetables, salad or peas. 13.95
Locally-Reared Gammon Steak with pineapple or egg, chips and posh peas 13.95
Succulent Chicken Fillet, topped with bacon and melted Cheddar cheese served with Chips, salad and BBQ Sauce. 14.25
Breaded Scampi, deep fried to a lovely crispy texture, with chips, posh peas and Tartare Sauce.  Served with a side salad. 13.45
Fishcake Medley Three different fishcake recipes (may contain prawns) served with Chips, posh peas and tartare sauce 12.95



Vegetarian choice £
Portobello mushroom and marscapone cheese pie, served with Onion Gravy and New potatoes, Saute, Gratin or Chips and Salad, Peas or vegetables V 12.95
Mushroom, Brie, Hazlenut and Cranberry Wellington served with New Potatoes and Vegetables V 12.95



Salted Caramel Cheesecake Ice cream.  It just works!  Gives the tastebuds something to work on! 6.55
Homemade Cheesecake V  Baked, traditional cheesecake, or rich chilled cheesecake on a biscuit base, flavour varies.  Will fill up all the room you left for pudding, and a bit more. 4.95
Apple and Apricot Frangipan Crunch Crumble.  A nicely tart filling with crumble, what’s not to like? 5.95
Homemade Panna Cotta.  Light and delicate, a treat for the tastebuds, my mother calls it “a proper dessert”.  Panna Cotta is Italian for “cooked cream”. Contains gelatine. 4.95
Toffee Bomb Spongecake. V  Blame James Martin for this recipe….an individual sponge, with a homemade molten toffee centre.  Why not have custard with it?  mmmmm!! 5.95
Chocolate Brownie, not only delicious but also gluten-free 5.25
Tim’s Meringue Mess. V  Pieces of homemade meringue, with clotted cream Ice-cream and fruit sauces 5.45
Raspberry Pavlova, topped with cream and meringue – wow! 6.55
Chocolate Raspberry fondant, soft and gooey chocolate sponge with raspberry sauce – hey, not painful! 5.95
Desserts are all served with a choice of:pouring cream, clotted cream, custard or Ice Cream.
Ice Cream Clotted Cream Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and toffee fudge flavours 4.55
Cheese and biscuits sharing plate for two. V  Stilton, mature cheddar and a soft cheese with a touch of fruit together with digestive biscuits and butter (or bread and butter if you prefer) 12.95