To reserve a table please use the online facility above, bookings are provisional until we confirm.  Special offers are available to online bookers only.

We welcome adults and children over the age of 12, this maintains a relaxed atmosphere for adult diners, and although there are many children below that age who behave well, the minority who don’t have caused us to take this step.  We hope that all well-behaved children will forgive us for any inconvenience this causes them.

We charge a deposit of £5 per person on bookings of 6 or more people.  This can be taken by credit card in advance over the phone, or using the online booking system (uses PayPal) and is deducted from your bill on the night, but is non-refundable in the case of non-arrival.  Cancellation can be made up to 48 hours in advance, and a refund will be made.

We have only one window table, the initial booking each evening is made before 6:30pm, and a later booking will be made for 8:30pm.  It is sometimes booked months in advance, so please feel free to request it, but we cannot guarantee that it will be available.

The online booking system has been in place for a few months.  It is best to fill in your mobile phone number and request “SMS Notification” and you will get a confirmation.  If your booking is at least a few days in advance, you will also get a reminder text.

We allow online booking up to 6 months in advance, but booking within the next 2 hours is blocked (most visitors to our restaurant stay for 2 hours, and if all our tables are full, you won’t have anywhere to sit!)

You can also book by phoning 01803 853131